Utilising silver yarn technology, Reflexa® Antistatic socks consist of a layer of pure silver being bonded to the surface of a textile fibre. In addition to its conductive properties, silver is also naturally antibacterial, anti-odour, and a thermoregulator.

Reflexa® Antistatic socks are knitted identically as Reflexa Diabetic and can also be worn as diabetic socks.

Reflexa® Antistatic socks are also recommended to everyone who is concerned about the threat of static electricity, especially hospital workers because static electricity can seriously injure patients.

Reflexa® Antistatic can help:
• Increase vascular flow
• Increase oxygen levels
• Keep feet warm
• Avoid proliferation of bacteria
• Conduct static electricity out of the body, when worn with anti-static shoes

Reflexa® Antistatic is made of:
•    67% polyester Celliant®
•    26% polyamide nylon
•    5% silver yarn
•    2% lycra

Reflexa® Antistatic

24,90 €


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