BRBL Story

The wilderness is harsh. Yet BRBL® know why you go out there rain or shine; why you stick it out through the mud, the rough and the sweat; why some of the best trails are off-trail and why, no matter how many photos you take, nothing short of seeing it for yourself will ever do that jaw-dropping view any justice.

We don’t work in a concrete jungle. We work in the great outdoors. You’ll find BRBL located in a small town on the borders of a vast, bear-inhabited forest.

No one knows bears quite like we do. The natural layers of skin and fur that enable bears to survive in extreme and demanding environments are the inspiration behind our products and are what gives BRBL apparel its edge.

BRBL’s bear-inspired design is combined with natural materials and some very clever technology to create products that perform and feel as good as they look. With Merinowool and our unique BearZones and BearTubes, BRBL products will see you through every element, landscape and challenge you dare to face.


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