Reflexa® socks contain Aegis™ - the revolutionary, permanent antimicrobial and anti-dustmite technology from the US. It deactivates microorganisms in a safe and environmentally friendly way.

Aegis™ is a revolutionary technology that guarantees an optimal freshness for your Reflexa socks. The technology is based on the fixation of a permanent nano-coating to the sock fibres. This coating is specifically designed to deactivate microorganisms.

Aegis Antimicrobial Reflexa Socks
Socks smell because excess moisture allows bacteria and microorganisms to proliferate. These microorganisms are attracted by the special aegis nano-coating.  Once they come in contact with it, the cell membrane is punctured, as if by a sword.  In this way, microorganisms are deactivated.

Aegis Antimicrobial Technology Reflexa Socks
Because Aegis™ is permanately fixed to the sock fibres it won’t wash out. And because it is a nano-technology (not a chemical) it is safe for environmentally friendly.


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